The Ovarian Cancer Education & Research Network, Inc. (OCERN) was formed in 2012 by a group of dedicated volunteers with a personal connection to ovarian cancer.

The mission of the Ovarian Cancer Education & Research Network, Inc. is to advocate for research for the early detection, treatment and cure of ovarian cancer. We promote ovarian cancer education in our communities and provide a network of resources and support for women and their families.

Our organization strives to fulfill our mission by disseminating education materials at community events and health fairs; maintaining an active speakers bureau that focuses on community, professional and academic presentations; organize an annual run/walk fundraiser; collaborate with a medical advisory board; and conduct media campaigns to highlight September as Ovarian Cancer Awareness month.

Board of Directors

Members include ovarian cancer survivors and dedicated volunteers with have lost a loved one to this disease.

  • Gina Dayton - Executive Director
  • Michelle Osborn - Financial Director
  • Mari Ueda-Tao - Secretary
  • Kim Mattoch - Director
  • Ken Terry - Director

Medical Advisory Board

Members of OCERN’s Medical Advisory Board are committed to furthering ovarian cancer research and improving the lives of women with ovarian cancer. 

  • Maude L. Blundell, MS, LCGC, Head Genetic Counselor - Sutter Cancer Center
  • Dawn Colburn, Ph.D. , Clincal Science Specialist - Genentech
  • Davida Feder, Ovarian Cancer Advocate
  • Edwin A Alvarez, Assistant Professor, Gynecologic Oncology
  • Gary S. Leiserowitz, M.D. M.S., Clinical Professor and Interim Chair, Obstetrics and Gynecology; Division Chief and Fellowship Director, Gynecologic Oncology - UC Davis Medical Center
  • Vikas Mahavni, M.D., Gynecology Oncology - The Permanente Medical Group
  • Sharon Perry, R.N.C., N.P., Gynecology Oncology - The Premanente Medical Group

OCERN is a OCNA Partner Member

OCERN is a OCNA Partner Member